What you can expect when you hire me to help you prepare your New York bar admission application:

We get it right the first time.

When a New York bar admission application presents character and fitness issues that might conceivably require further investigation or a hearing, hire me to minimize that risk. With a decade of experience ushering clients through the character and fitness review process, I understand how to present evidence of good character. I understand what questions are likely to be asked by the character and fitness committee, what information or documents will likely be requested, and what concerns are likely to be raised by any given application. Although every application is different, my strategy on each application is always the same: answer all of the Committee’s likely questions, provide all relevant information and/or documents, and address all likely concerns on the initial application. The goal is to minimize the risk that the Committee will believe further investigation, or a hearing, is warranted. Sometimes, a hearing is inevitable – but very often, it is avoidable simply by getting the application right the first time.