Talk With An Experienced New York Bar Admission Lawyer About Your Bar Admission Application

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You have a lot invested in your legal career. You don’t want to leave anything up to chance when it comes to your New York bar application.

Like many New York bar applicants, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a simple consultation is all that you need to:

  • Have your questions about the New York bar admission application process answered.
  • Understand the disclosure requirements and whether any particular “blemish” or issue from the past must be disclosed on the application. Remember, consultations are fully confidential conversations and you can safely discuss any and all issues that are concerning to you.
  • Understand how best to approach any particular disclosure, and how to minimize the risk of any particular disclosure becoming an issue that may delay or hinder your application. Often what makes a difference on any given application is not necessarily what is disclosed, but how it is disclosed. The key issue on any character and fitness application is not “what is in your past,” but rather, “what is your character NOW” — and your written disclosure is your opportunity to demonstrate your current good character. I can help you understand how to do that.
  • Understand how any issues being disclosed are likely to impact on the application review process. I can tell you, based upon my extensive experience, how the application process is likely to unfold for you. Can you expect “smooth sailing,” assuming the disclosure is appropriately made? Or, on the other hand, are the issues being disclosed likely to trigger a hearing or other special review process? I can’t guarantee an outcome — but I can help you understand what to expect under your particular circumstances.
  • Discuss whether you feel comfortable proceeding with your application on your own, based on the guidance from our consultation – or whether, on the other hand, you would prefer to have hands-on help, continued guidance, and (if necessary) representation in the bar admission process.